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Hulsey Creative Innovations

Hulsey Creative Innovations
14318 Old Greensboro Road
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405
United States

Tel: 2053946593

Contact: Steve Hulsey, Owner
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Agent/Broker, Service Provider, Trading Company, Other, Exporter/Importer
Year Established: 1988
Annual Sales Volume: less than $1M
Ownership Type: Sole Proprietorship
Harmonized System Codes: SC50 SC57 SC58 SC62 SC64 SC65 SC66 SC67 SC68 SC69 SC74 SC81 SC83 SC84 SC85 SC86 SC87 SC88 SC90 SC91 SC92 SC93 SC95 SC96 SC97 SC98

Business Message

Creative Innovations is a philanthropic based company, dedicated to provide opportunity especially for the disadvantaged. The CI Disabled Americans for Hire program is dedicated to helping challenged people into good careers where they can prosper and live their dreams. We are dedicated to helping people, communities and businesses prosper through creating opportunities that would otherwise not be available.

CI philanthropic projects are funded through innovative business expansion projects, consulting, negotiation management, advertising, marketing campaigns, public relations, product design, bartering, entertainment management, occupational management and other services provided to various sorts of businesses. CI facilitates various community and environmental services to benefit people through the power of compassion.....

Steve Hulsey @ Creative Innovations


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